Thursday, February 18, 2010

Women Wetting Themselves While Getting A Wedgie Plump Lips On White People?

Plump Lips on white people? - women wetting themselves while getting a wedgie

Ok, Im mixed, but mainly white look. However, I have full lips.

My sister is also mixed black happens at 90%. It has the features of the Caucasus, but her lips seem to *******. In general, it is a very dark skin. Take That Away and she looks like.

It has the same size lip as I do. They are ridiculously big, but they are quite large. People mocked them as "Coon Lips", but welcomed me. "And the same people who gave her name behind her on the lips Monnier spend big. I thought the way they treated my sister was totally unfair. Even blacks made fun of them, but people seem to like my lips. they called and delicious, while my sister called a duck. "WTF?" They are practically the same size as youIgnorant! >: O

I think it's werid when people who have naturally large lips, black or pleasure, but whites run left and right to his lips to God knows what to inject. Butt implants with the same frying in tanning beds and get it. I can see, if you want to do this for fun, but many girls who do not make fun to waste the black lines hesitated to imitate their hard-earned money, what did black women. The same is true for people with black skin color the merry pale, and then use the whitening cream or tease the unbraidable (fine to buy a wet dog) hair, and rush to relaxants. Or hate blue eyes, but to buy blue contacts?

It does. NO. SENSE. >>

Even those who condemn them, hate them money for the properties. Asit is?


Me said...

You know what's funny already, I'm white and grew up in an affluent majority black or Hispanic in my life. My lower half of returns and are not really typical for a white woman. But I merrily of the black girls and Mexican girls did a lot. More extensive and hated, but what can I do to my weight gain *** on my legs and penetrate the muscles and quickly there. I guess what I'm trying to say is that there will always be people who are jealous or rude, no matter where or what it is. Just brush and receiving of criticism as a compliment. And be proud of her lips.

Najஜ said...

Because of its mix, that is, when a white girl has a "black girls" *** Honor wayy more. It's nice, but I do not understand why your sister is fun, that blacks, because many of them have big lips. It will disappear as he grows, the ignorance is not his mouth.

ZackyBea... said...

It is a very good point, it is very sad how people are far from perfect.
And everything depends on the structure of your face so far from his lips. Would Ryan Secrest lips look good on my face lol Chuck Norris.

Ashton:) said...

I'm mostly Italian, are my lips, the bomb.

Hugh bonear said...

Whoa, then the family of chimpanzees, like in a few days, check with the zoo. a conformist!

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